3TU NIRICT-SIKS Springschool 2011

The 3TU Springschool has been a great success. We have had excellent speakers, motivated participants and a very stimulating exchange at a very fine location! Did you miss it? Well, below you will find the original announcement of the programme.

In the week of April 11th till 15th the three Dutch technical universities (Eindhoven, Twente and Delft) in cooperation with the Dutch SIKS PhD Research School organize a 3TU Springschool Social Interaction Computing. This school is organized for PhDs and Master students who study or work in the fields of 'Human Technology Interaction' and 'Human Media Interaction'. They include:

• Man-Machine Interaction  Delft University of Technology
• Human Media Interaction  University of Twente
• Human-Technology Interaction  Eindhoven University of Technology
• User Centered Engineering  Eindhoven University of Technology

This is the third NIRICT-SIKS School on human-technology interaction. The first school presented a broad multidisciplinary view of how fundamental insights into human physical and cognitive capabilities can be used to design human-centred technologies that can collaborate symbiotically with humans to enhance human capabilities. The second School was on all aspects of social and affective interfaces. The third 3TU Springschool hosts several lectures and workshops on current themes of human techology interaction. This year the themes are 'Robots in health care', 'Brain Computer Interfacing' and 'Sustainability and behaviour' (see programme for details). New this year will be a session of talks for participating PhD students and a one-afternoon social event. You can download the announcement here.

The springschool will be held from Monday to Friday (April 11-15) at Hotel New York in Rotterdam. Night accomodation is provided at the Tulip Inn hotel.